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  • Ultra-Fast Transient Response
  • Extension to Subsonic Frequencies
  • Dual-Driver Configuration
  • Powerful Class-D Amplification: Onboard or Outboard Rack-Mount
  • DSP Control for Room Boundary Conditions

Lightning-fast and powerful, Procella subwoofers are designed for one purpose: the accurate, undistorted reproduction of bass.  Lots of bass, pure and undiluted, with superb transient response and sufficient headroom to reproduce the challenging dynamic range of today’s 96/24 recordings at reference levels.

Designed to professional audio reference standards, three dual-driver subwoofers and a single-driver room balancing subwoofer combine uncompressed high output with audiophile-standard musical articulation, to ensure accurate reproduction in any room – from compact home theaters to professional screening rooms and small cinema environments. 

Deep Bass and Superior Transient Response

All Procella subwoofers use sealed box designs for ultra-quick bass and powerful, long-throw woofers for extended deep bass down to subsonic frequencies.

Onboard Class-D Amplification with 28-bit ADI Sigma DSP

Procella gives you the choice of onboard  or rack-mounted high-efficiency ‘green’ class-D amplification for all Procella subwoofers (except the P10Si balancing subwoofer, which does not have the onboard option). With superior audio quality, the onboard amplifiers have 28-bit ADI Sigma DSP control for optimal performance, and provide four user-selectable EQ programmes to achieve optimal low-frequency response, based on the placement of the subwoofer in the room.

Outboard Amplification with Procella DA-2800DSP Professional Power Amplifier

In systems where it is desirable to place the amplifiers in the rack or to avoid having amplifiers behind a screen or wall, each Procella subwoofer model is available without an onboard amplifier. In place of the amplifier is a flat panel with a set of binding post inputs for each subwoofer driver. The P18-FP, P15-FP and P10-FP subwoofers are designed to be used with the Procella DA-2800DSP Power Amplifier, and are identical to the standard version subwoofers except for the fact there is no amplifier located in the speaker enclosure.

The P18-FP requires all four channels of the DA-2800DSP in bridged configuration, doubling the power of the standard P18 by driving each 18" subwoofer with 1,400 Watts!

The P15-FP and P10-FP require only one channel of the DA-2800DSP, producing a total of 700 watts (the same as the standard versions) when the drivers are connected in parallel.


Procella P18 and P18-FP

Product specs and dimensions

The ultimate. Not just one, but two 18 inch professional audio subwoofer drivers with 4” voice coils in a cabinet not much more than a foot deep! These massive drive units are powered by 2x700 continuous watts of high-efficiency class-D amplification with DSP, capable of an incredible 133dB of output and sub-bass extension down to below 18 Hz.

Step up the P18-FP with the DA-2800DSP Power Amplifier, and the power doubles to an incredible 2x 1,400W for even greater output and dynamic range.

Producing awesome low-frequency energy, its pure, transient bass fills even the largest rooms. In a class by itself, the P18 the only subwoofer for those seeking the visceral immersion of the reference cinema and live concert experience. 

The P18 is THX Approved for integration into professional rooms, including THX Certified Screening Rooms and THX pm3 Studios (professional Mixing, Monitoring and Mastering).


Procella P15 and P15-FP

P15 2012












Product specs and dimensions

In an astonishingly compact enclosure (just 8.7" / 220mm deep), the P15 Subwoofer brings the authority and impact of the mighty P18 to medium and small rooms where nothing less than the best bass quality will do.

Its dual 15-inch long-throw Italian pro audio subwoofer drivers have 3" voice coils, and in a sealed-box heavily-braced enclosure driven by 2x 350W of class-D amplification with DSP, the subwoofer blends lightning-quick transient response with massive impact.

Capable of 125dB output and able to reproduce bass frequencies in-room flat to 22Hz and below, the P15 is the ideal low-frequency source for mid-sized domestic and professional environments.

The P15-FP enables you to put the power amplifier in the rack. One channel of the four-channel Procella DA-2800DSP power amplifier is required, producing 700W into a 4 ohm load (when the P15's dual inputs are connected in parallel).


Procella P10 and P10-FP

Product specs and dimensions

Don’t let the P10s compact size and profile fool you – one listen proves that this is a subwoofer that punches way above its size and weight class. At only 7.1" / 180mm in depth, the P10 is designed to be the best small subwoofer ever made. Exhibiting all of the superb audio qualities of the P15 and P18, it's ideal for smaller rooms and when used in multiples.

Dual 10” long excursion Italian-made pro woofers with 2.5” voice coils combine with 2x350 watts of onboard digital amplification with DSP to produce a maximum SPL of 119 dB, with low frequency extension down to 26 Hz at -3 dB and below!

The P10-FP has identical performance without the onboard amplifier. When used with the Procella DA-2800DSP power amplifier, the P10-FP is an ideal choice for multiple subwoofer installations, whether used for main subwoofers or for balancing subs.


P10Si Balancing Subwoofer











Product specs and dimensions

The P10Si balancing subwoofer enables involves the use of multiple subwoofers in multiple locations to produce more consistent bass performance from seat to seat in listening rooms. Even though the P10Si has a very small footprint for maximum flexibility in installation, it has the capability to optimize low frequency performance in combination with any Procella active subwoofer, including the P18 (dual 18”), P15 (dual 15”) and P10 (dual 10”).

With one or more of the larger Procella subwoofers used as a main subwoofer, P10Si subwoofers (typically one to three) can be placed in different room locations to smooth the low frequency modes of the room. When properly applied, this technique improves the system’s overall bass quality and significantly reduces the seat-to-seat variance in low frequency levels typically found in small rooms using a single subwoofer.

The P10Si is built around a single 10 inch long-throw Italian-made Procella pro-audio manufactured driver, using a 2.5 inch voice coil, the identical speaker used in the Procella P10 subwoofer. Like all Procella speakers, the P10Si uses a sealed-box design with heavy internal cabinet bracing for ideal transient response, with very shallow cabinet depth to give installers maximum freedom for cabinet location.

The P10Si does not have an onboard amplifier option and is designed for external amplification and DSP with the Procella DA-2800 power amplifier. At 21.3”/540mm x 14.37”/365mm x 5.9”/150mm, the P10Si fits into standard U.S. framing with a vertical orientation and into European walls with horizontal orientation.