"The performance is breathtaking . . .

"this [Procella] 9.2 speaker configuration delivers an audio performance which is both
powerful and enthralling when the movie or music demands it, yet graceful during quieter passages.
There is an effortless quality to the audio performance"



Cinema Heritage. Powerful Sound.

 The World's Finest Home Cinema Loudspeakers

Created for the DTS Reference Theater at its European headquarters, Procella loudspeakers are the only loudspeakers specifically designed for HD audio formats.

Today's Blu-ray movie and music recordings use the DTS-HD™ Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD™ and Lossless LPCM formats to produce a dynamic range that often exceeds 120 dB - well beyond the 105 dB capability of conventional hi-fi speakers! Limited by their ubiquitous dome tweeter technology, these speakers simply cannot keep up.

Designed by two DTS directors, Procella loudspeakers were created to meet and exceed the requirements of the new HD audio technologies. Advanced proprietary technology and pro audio componentry enable Procella loudspeakers to seamlessly reproduce the entire dynamic spectrum - meaning you'll experience everything from the most subtle details of live acoustic music to the tactile impact of live concerts and blockbuster films.

Procella Audio has loudspeakers, subwoofers and amplifiers for any size room from 2 to over 200 seats. Move beyond high fidelity to HD audio - and experience the lifelike power, impact and clarity of Procella loudspeakers!




P6V and P610 win 2013 Outstanding Overall Performance Award from Super AV magazine!


StormAudio Electronics Distributed by Procella Audio

At CEDIA Expo, Procella made the debut presentation of StormAudio's complete lineup of state-of-the art home theater processors and multi-channel power amplifiers. Procella USA is the exclusive U.S. distributor. Initial shipments of StormAudio products are expected in January..
Click here to go to the StormAudio website for more information.
Click here to contact Chuck Back at Procella to become a dealer or find out where to buy.


P8 Measurement and Polar Response Data

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THX Theater photograph: Darren Sheely.

"in mare irato, in subita procella, invoco te nostra benigna stella" - Gabriello Chiabrera (1552-1638).
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